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Last updated August 17, 2023

The body of a 9-year-old boy with autism was found at the edge of a nearby waterway behind a Brooklyn IKEA store, police say | CNN

Jay-Z-themed library cards spark increase in Brooklyn Public Library memberships | CNN

Kai Cenat condemns NYC Union Square melee, says ‘it was not my intention’ | CNN

Multiple possible shark sightings at New York beaches Tuesday, a day following apparent shark attack | CNN

(ASSIST CREDIT) Twitch streamer charged with inciting a riot after giveaway draws huge crowds to Union Square in New York City | CNN

Connecticut pastor fatally struck by Stamford police car while crossing the street | CNN

At least 30 dead and more than 90 malnourished dogs discovered at Ohio animal rescue | CNN

Larry Nassar survivors sue Michigan State University, alleging ‘illegal secret votes’ prevented release of 6,000 documents | CNN

Small ‘stockpiles or campsites’ discovered in search for escaped Pennsylvania inmate with survivalist skills, police say | CNN

Police charge Brooklyn man with murder in string of back-to-back ‘random’ NYC shootings | CNN

Authorities say inmate who escaped from Pennsylvania jail is dangerous and has survivalist skills | CNN

Authorities ramp up shark patrols along New York’s Long Island after 5 people were bitten in 2 days | CNN

A man swimming at a Long Island beach was bitten, possibly by a shark, police say | CNN

Multimillion dollar catalytic converter theft ring operated out of Philadelphia towing business, prosecutors say | CNN

(ASSIST CREDIT) Chair of submersibles committee says he voiced concerns about OceanGate design and claims with CEO | CNN

(ASSIST CREDIT) A former Harvard morgue manager is accused of stealing, selling and shipping human body parts, indictment says | CNN

(ASSIST CREDIT) Manhattan man arrested after raping, giving drugs to a 14-year-old girl who overdosed in hotel room, prosecutors say | CNN

Patriots’ Jack Jones arrested after two loaded guns found in carry-on luggage, police say | CNN

A father drowned at the Jersey Shore while attempting to save his daughter, police say | CNN


Second Dose Monkeypox Vaccine Eligibility to 28-Day Interval; 50,000 New Appointments Open | Queer on the Street

City to Open Monkeypox Vaccination Clinic in the Bronx, More Vaccine Appointments Available  | Queer on the Street

City to Open Monkeypox Vaccination Clinic in the Bronx, More Vaccine Appointments Available | Queer on the Street

Oldest NYC Gay Bar May Become Official Landmark | Queer on the Street

NYC Mayor Bashes Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade, Calls On Activists to Unite | Queer on the Street

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Ending Right to Abortion Access in U.S. | Queer on the Street

Judge Bars Military from Discharges Due to HIV Status | Queer on the Street

West Village Bar Honored With Plaque Commemorating LGBTQ+ 'Sip-In' | Queer on the Street

Obituary: Leslie Cohen, NYC Lesbian Icon, Author, Artist and Activist, Dies | Queer on the Street

NYC Mayor to Distribute 6.3 Million At-Home COVID-19 Tests | Queer on the Street

It’s #DeafLGBTQWeek  | Queer on the Street

QUEER NYC ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: Angel Morales | Queer on the Street


Queer NYC Artist on Creating, Curating Queer Art Spaces and Building Community | Queer on the Street

Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Makes an Announcement with LGBTQ+ Advocates | Queer on the Street

Two Injured In Fire at NYC Queer Nightclub, Officials Say Arson | Queer on the Street

Man Caught on Video Assaulting Subway Rider; NYPD Offer Monetary Away For Tips Leading to Arrest | Queer on the Street

Mayor Announces Florida Campaign Denouncing 'Don't Say Gay' Law; Invites Floridians to Move to NYC | Queer on the Street

Data Shows Increase in LGBTQ+ Rights Support Despite Increase In Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation Across U.S. | Queer on the Street

More Than 100 Demonstrators March With Russian LGBTQ+ Group In Coney Island to Support Ukraine | Queer on the Street


NYPD Launches Initiative In Attempt To Recruit More LGBTQ+ Individuals | Queer on the Street

Sesame Street's Luis and LGBTQ+ Ally, Emilio Delgado, Dies At 81 | Queer on the Street 

Data Shows Increase in LGBTQ+ Rights Support Despite Increase In Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation Across U.S. | Queer on the Street 


Open Mic on March 21 To Celebrate Issue 1 Launch Of New NY Queer Publication | Queer on the Street 

Long Island Pride Parade Returns In-Person On June 12 | Queer on the Street 


Long Island Man Pleads Guilty To Threatening To Bomb LGBTQ Events, Harm People | Queer on the Street 

The Queens Pride Parade Is Back With a New Name, New Look And New Leadership | Queer on the Street 


Staten Island's St. Patrick’s Day Parade Bans LGBTQ Group From Marching... Again | Queer on the Street 

Teenager Verbally Attacked By Anti-LGBTQ Man On Manhattan Subway Platform | Queer on the Street 

Let’s Talk About Queer Safe Sex | Queer on the Street 


Black & Boujee Will Be ‘A Party With A Purpose’ | Queer on the Street 

Transparency: How NYC’s Increase Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Crime Rate Was Reported | Queer on the Street 

Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Crimes Increase 5% According to Preliminary NYPD Data | Queer on the Street 


Valentine’s Day Market Aims To Support Ginger’s Bar, Queer Artists | Queer on the Street 


New Report: 28% of LGBTQ+ Youth Nationwide Experience Homelessness, Housing Instability | Queer on the Street 


LGBTQ+ Seniors Now Eligible For Survivor Benefits | Queer on the Street 


GLSEN Appoints Its First Black, Nonbinary Director | Queer on the Street 


LGBTQ+ Activist and GLAAD Cofounder, Arnie Kantrowitz, Dies at 81 | Queer on the Street 

HRC Calls Out NCAA Over New Constitution Leaving Out Nondiscrimination Policy Language | Queer on the Street 


New Podcast Raises Awareness About Safe Houses for LGBTQ+ Jamaicans | Queer on the Street 


Face of Gay Marriage, Jim Obergefell, Runs for Ohio House Seat | Queer on the Street 


NJ LGBTQ+ Chamber Rebrands As NJ Pride Chamber Of Commerce | Queer on the Street 


Senators Urge FDA to Remove Limitations on Blood Donations From Gay Men Amid Blood Supply Shortage | Queer on the Street 


Colorado Survey Shows Overall High COVID Vaccine Rates Among LGBTQ+ Youth | Queer on the Street 


Quick Hit News: Queer Rom-Com “AM I OK?” to Premiere at Sundance | Queer on the Street 

Australian Study: Straight People May Not Be As Straight As They Think They Are | Queer on the Street

Quick Hit News: “Buck Up And Ride” Players Upset Over LGBT+ Toggle in Game | Queer on the Street

Survey Finds Mental Health of LGBTQ+ Youth Declines From Racism, Anti-Transgender Bills, COVID-19 | Queer on the Street


NY Judge Dismissed Woman’s Lawsuit Which Claimed Anti-Discrimination Laws Violated Her Rights | Queer on the Street

FDA Approves Injectable PrEP | Queer on the Street

NJ Lawmakers Vote to Protect Equal Marriage | Queer on the Street

Trans Journalist, Advocate, Radio Host Dies At 59 | Queer on the Street

NYC Health and Hospital COVID Testing Notice | Queer on the Street

Senators Ask IRS and Treasury to Examine Benefits for LGBTQ+ Couples | Queer on the Street

Queer on the Street to Cover New York City’s LGBTQ+ News, Events and Culture | Queer on the Street

Census Bureau Suggests 20 Million U.S. Adults Identify As LGBTQ+ In New Data Report | Queer on the Street

How Teachers Across the Country are Using ThinkCERCA | ThinkCERCA

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