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Nic F. Anderson's artwork has been published in the Independent newspaper, SEEDS literary and visual arts journal and three art shows.

"Menstruation," "Chicago," "Quality" and "Lamotrigine" were on display at Father Knows Best in Brooklyn for the entire month of June 2022.


"Untitled" was shown in the Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn for the "Lesbian Matters" art exhibit in 2019.

"Love Yourself" was published in the Independent newspaper in April 2019.

"Body Beautiful" and "Love Bumps" were shown in an art show, "Air Conditioning" in Chicago, Illinois, in August 2018.


"The World is Your Oyster/Acryllic on Canvas" was published in SEEDS literary and visual arts journal in May 2018. 


Some of Nic's artwork is below.

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